Master the Skill of Passing (Dropping) Your Hand on Time in Rummy

A good player of online rummy games knows how important it is to quit a bad game and treats it just as seriously as making a pure sequence. When you play rummy online, you hear the use of terms like first drop and second drop instead of pass. In Khelplay Rummy, you are allowed to pass your turn at the beginning of the game by compromising minimal points or half way through the game by giving away double the initial points.

Some Tips to Decide Whether You Should Choose First Drop

A good player knows the significance of assessing his hand as soon as he gets it. If you check your hand, there are some things to assess. These will help you decide whether you should opt for the first drop or not. Here we have listed these as pointers for you:

  • Look for pure sequences in your hand

If you have a ready pure sequence in your hand, there is nothing like it. So, as soon as you get your hand, see whether you have a pure sequence ready. The pure sequence could be a sequence of high point cards, low point cards or picture cards. The only condition is that the sequence should not include any jokers as it is pure.

  • Look for probability of making pure sequences anytime soon

The chances of getting a ready pure sequence in your hand are few. The other probability is that you get cards that may combine to form pure sequences in the near future. Assess your hand to find if there are any such special card combinations existing in your hand. All players who frequently win Indian rummy online real cash winning games know this step is of significance.

  • Look for Jokers in your Hand

Even when you don’t have a ready pure sequence, you have not lost the game. See whether you have multiple jokers that fit into most gaps in your hand. If this is the case, you win as soon as you complete your pure sequence. The chances are high and it is surely worth trying your luck.

  • Inspect the Open Card

Even when you do not have a ready pure sequence, it may help if it is your turn to pick the open card which fills the gap. Take time to inspect the open card as well before deciding for the first drop.

If all the above inspections suggest that you should choose a first drop, go ahead with it. You lose fewer points when you choose a first drop rather than when you lose a game.

Some Tips to Guide You for A Second Drop on Khelplay Rummy

If you picked your hand and played but realised you aren’t getting anywhere, you may choose the second drop. Here are some ideal situations where people consider second drop:

  • Assess the Progress of your Opponent in the Game

If after three or four turns, you are still where you were but your opponent seems to have progressed much, take it as a warning sign. If he has picked three cards in three turns, chances are that he will soon complete his hand. You can quit at this point and be charged lesser points or lose the game and regret later.

  • Assess Your Own Chances of Winning

Try to see how your game has progressed from the start. Assess whether your life is complete and whether there are any chances of completing the remaining sequences and melds. This will help you decide whether to continue the game or not.

  • See the Total Points in Your Hand

If you have completed your life, the next thing to consider is the number of points in your hand. You need to compare the points in your hand to the points you would lose in case of a second drop. This will help you decide whether to continue with the game or choose a drop.

A good deal of skills is sharpened when you frequently play 13 cards rummy game. You may choose 13 card rummy game free download for android and practice your favourite card game online before participating in any cash tournaments on Khelplay Rummy.