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UK 49s Lunchtime is one of the best-known and most beloved lottery games within Great Britain and beyond. This daily lotto game attracts bettors with its simple playing structure, frequent draws, and extremely favorable odds. However, what really motivates most players to participate is the possibility of winning the fabulous main prize or smaller but still impressive secondary payouts.

South African bettors today have the opportunity to try their luck at this fun and generous lottery if they come to place their bets on YesPlay. YesPlay is a safe and convenient betting platform equipped with all the modern tools and features necessary to make the online gambling experience fantastic for everyone.

How does UK 49s Lunchtime play?

The rules of UK 49s Lunchtime are simple and easy to follow, even for someone new to lotteries and online betting in general. The game features a pool of 49 balls, of which the bettor needs to pick up to six numbers. While the bet can be placed on as few as just one ball, the more numbers the player bets on, the bigger their potential wins can be. One essential condition for winning a cash prize in this game is that the player must match all the numbers they select with the balls drawn. If at least one number is chosen wrong, the bet is lost.

To stand a better chance of winning a solid cash reward in this lottery, UK 49s Lunchtime players can opt to include a special bonus ball in their bet. The bonus ball is called Booster, and it is selected from the same range of 49 numbers left available after the main numbers have been picked.

Where to see the latest UK 49s Lunchtime results?

The time, at which this lottery draw is broadcast in South Africa, is highly inconvenient – 14:49 SAST –when most of the country’s adult population is busy working their jobs. For this reason, watching the game live on TV or listening to it on the radio is not always possible.

Luckily, YesPlay has found a way to keep its users updated on the latest developments in the game in real time. If you want to be the first to learn the latest UK 49s lunch time results, come to YesPlay and visit the game’s dedicated Results page, where the new winning numbers are published just moments after the draw is over. YesPlay users can also access other essential game-related statistics like historical numbers, cold/hot numbers, draw dates and times, available betting options, etc.