Rings Of Fortune Or Risk Of Fortune

One of the most popular game among all the casino games is rings of fortune. This game is unique and one of a kind. It takes you into a journey full of mysteries and curiousness. It is a game that can make dreams into reality. It can make you super-rich with just one spin. But you got to take some risk.

How to play?

Rings of fortune is a mysterious game accompanied by a lot of risk-taking. It has 10 pay line with 5 reel setup. The game solely revolves around a spin. It is when, you are lucky enough to get yourself a winning spin, gamble button automatically get lit up. After that, you have to press the red and the black button based on your sense of judgement. If the button you pressed is the colour of the card then you get to win the game and double up or increase your money to n number of times.

Presence of unique symbols-

A large number of symbols are present in rings of fortune, giving it a more rich and complex look. The two major symbols are the wizard and the golden ring known as scatter card too. Fortunately or unfortunately these symbols can change the game completely. Other symbols used are A, K, Q and J.

Online gambling has gained huge popularity in the last decade and rings of fortune brings about half of the players to this internet casino world. Some similar games to this include firestarter, Holywood star, starburst.