The Best Andar Bahar Strategies & Tricks to Win Real Money

Andar Bahar game is one of the easiest-to-play casino games on the internet. It is commonly considered as the chance of a game. Your ability to wild guess will determine your winning. The bettor will have to guess if the “Andar” box will win the round or the “Bahar” box. But unlike other games where the computer dealer shuffles the cards and reveals the first one after shuffling. Now you have to guess which box will get the joker card. The andar bahar game rules are easy and have multiple rounds, so the chances of winning are quite fair.

How To play Andar Bahar Game?

The game rules are simple, and you must play with a single-card deck. Once the first card, known as the joker, is revealed, the player can start the wagering. The players put bets using the chips to select one of the boxes. After every player placed their bet, the dealer called for the final bet, and then they placed the card.

Tricks To Win Andar bahar-

As we said, the game is based on your wild guess. But still, experts who manage to draw their strategy know how to influence the outcome and increase the opportunity. But before we tell you about the tricks, you must know a few must-to-do points. These points will ensure your winning and give you a chance to win big.

Must-follow list-

  • Learn the Rules Properly-

Online Casino games, especially the andar bahar online games, are based on the rules. No matter what strategy you have learned or what plane you draw, it will all go in vain if you do not know how to play the game. Besides, mastering the skill will give you the confidence to apply the strategy.

  • Learn the Cards Ranking-

 Every online casino game has its ranking for the card. In andar bahar online, joker holds the highest rank. It would help if you learned which card gives you the maximum benefits. Besides, you have to learn how to count the betting amount and the chances of the outcome.

  • Choose the Right Platform-

No matter what you do or what game you play, your first job is finding the right game. andar bahar has its origin in India. Almost every online betting site in India allows you to play andar bahar online game. So, you have to be very crucial about the platform. Do not consider a platform depending on the rewards and bonuses they provide.

  • Knowing the Payouts Odds and House Edge

Every casino has its odds and edges. And each card holds specific odds and edges. Now before you dig into that game, know the edge and odd properly, and memorize them so that you can count your chances of winning during the game.

Strategy for Andar Bahar-

Experts draw this strategy to give beginners maximum benefits. But make sure you have gone through the must-follow list.

  • Go Slow-

The first rule of the game is going slow. Suppose you want to stay in the game and get the maximum chance of winning. You have to stop yourself from betting all amounts at once. You have to ensure your prediction before you start playing the original game. And for that, you have to stay in the game.

  • Learn the Math Behind the Game-

The game looks like a luck-based game above but has proper math. Make the wiser choice before you start wagering; check the previous records.

  • Avoid Side Betting If Necessary-

 If you do not know how to bring the opportunities from side betting, you should avoid them. The chances are 50:50 and quite uncertain, so wasting your money on a side option is not wise.

  • Keep the Record of the Cards-

Keeping a record is a very good habit for gamblers. It allows them to keep an eye on their money and helps to calculate the possibilities, and helps to remember every possible outcome for the next game.

  • Get a Chance to Use Martingale Strategy-

The process is pretty famous among the andar bahar online game players. Start with only 10 rupees; each time, you lose double it in the next round. And each time you win a bet, it starts with the beginning amount in the next round again.

  • Believe Your Intuition-

Intuition is the most reliable companion for the punter. No matter what your calculation or previous record shows if your intuition says the andar box or the bahar box will win the round, then go for it. But make sure to keep the betting amount small.

Final Words-

Now, these strategies can only guide you to put your bet properly. They are based on the calculations only. The best outcome will be provided to you by the must-follow list only. On the other hand, if you want to increase the winning amount, you have to choose the most legit betting site in India. Many online sites provide the best odds, but you must choose the site that gives the odds and security together.