Top 3 Indian Online Live dealer casino games for 2022

Games are the entertainment part of human life. In various historical locations, many people made some games into a profession to earn money. Casino games or gambling are some of them that are now available in the modern era. So, casino games have traveled with us since ancient times, changing their looks according to the situation and period. Different casino games are available for Indian players, each of which will have several attractions.

In the current online casino games, people started to play with digital money, making the gameplay more straightforward. It also allows people to complete transactions without any effort. Various kinds of live dealer casino games are available online, each providing a live experience of playing games in the casino. So, people who need to play real casino games from the comfort of their homes can use this option.

Best Online Live Dealer Casino Games

People aware of casino games will know there will be a dealer to deal with all the cards and cash in most games. So, to provide that unique experience, the online casino game websites will have live human dealers in the online game instead of computers. So, it gives a realistic effect to the players, and people can enjoy playing like a real casino. So, some top live online dealer casino games available are

  1. Teen Patti
  2. Andar Bahar
  3. Baccarat

So, these are the top three online live dealer games available on online websites, and people can enjoy playing all these games as per their needs. In these games, the company will provide live dealers for playing the game and online payment options that help people play games with their digital money.

  1. Teen Patti

The teen Patti is the oldest card game that many people play, and now it is available in the attractive digital version, in which people can enjoy the game with attractive features. In this game, the players will get three cards each and bet their money until some player withdraws or stands till the last bit. The person with the highest numerical value will be the winner, and the value determines the actual value of the hand.

People who are beginners in online games can quickly join and earn in this game, and they need an element of bluffing, and this game has fast gameplay. People who like to play these games online can visit the Fairplay casino with all these games with a live dealer to provide cards for playing and handle the betting cash.

  1. Andar Bahar

This game is also an old card game that people play in many households. Most men in those days used this game for entertainment, and some used it to gain money for gameplay. This Andar Bahar game is available online, and several attractive benefits exist for people to play this game online. This game is a complete game of luck, and no effort is needed.

The entire game of this Andar bahar is with a deck of cards, and the dealer will place a single card facing upwards and split the deck into two halves. One set is Andar, and the other is Bahar, which makes it the game’s name. The game is to find a similar card facing upwards, and people need to bet about it on the Andar deck or the Bahar deck. If a matching card is in one deck means they will win the best.

So, this is the gameplay of Andar Bahar, and people who need to test their luck can consider playing this game. This game has speed gameplay, and it also has a live dealer on the online platform. Similarly, this game is easy to follow and yet unpredictable.

  1. Baccarat

The Baccarat game is mainly similar to the blackjack card game, and instead of 21 people playing, Baccarat will concentrate on 9. In this game, people can wager on their hands in case of winning. The players will have several options in the game, and people with proper knowledge can make more money out of this game. This gameplay has a more flexible betting option than the classic blackjack game, and people will have vast variants of live Baccarat.

It also has a love house edge over the other similar betting games that are available on the online platform. Like the other two games on the above list, this game also has live dealers to manage it, making players happier and encouraging them to play more.


These points help people understand the details of the top three online games in better live dealers. People who are more fond of these online games can consider visiting, which is more effective for online casino games.