What is the RTP percentage in PG Slot games?

Slot games are high paying games. So it is a casino game that has received a lot of attention from players. But how about each game of online slots? do not have the same compensation, for example, if friends have the same money But playing different games may have different profits Because each game has a different RTP percentage. Some of you may be wondering what the RTP we are talking about right now. Let’s get to know the RTP that is in online PG SLOT. and see if there are any games with high RTP

Get to know the RTP percentage in online slots games.

What is RTP?

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to player or what Thai people call it. The payout rate is found in every online slot game. It refers to the payout rate when a player wins based on the total bet the player has wagered. It will be a value that is calculated based on long-term play.

This payout rate is calculated based on the player’s game play to determine how many rounds the player has played in total. There are theoretical RTPs and practical RTPs that occur in this game. A real game, if theoretically the payback rate is already calculated and that rate is paid back when the game is played over the long term.

The standard RTP value in PG SLOT in every slot game depends on the game manufacturer’s requirements and policies. In most cases, the same company will use the same RTP rate as the RTP is embedded in the programming code. of each slot game Of course, it is impossible to be hacked or tampered with, and most importantly, slots games with an RTP of less than 80% are not licensed to be published or used to play. Because it is taking advantage of the players.

Games with high RTP

Jokerizer Slot Game : RTP 98%

From Yggdrasil Gaming Slots is a classic 3D slots game with the highest RTP value. It comes in a game theme with Queen, King, Ace, Jack and Joker symbols. with special features such as Auto Spin function That will allow you to auto-spin between 20 and 1000 times. As a result, players have the option to choose from an infinite number of spins.

Dragon Hatch Slot Game : RTP 96.83%

Dragon Hatch is a PG SLOT that takes the form of a magical dragon. to hatch an egg into a dragon Each egg brings different power and wealth. Ways of the Qilin is a 5-reel, 5-row video slot with different features. For Dragon Hatch, there are 4 main symbols: the earth dragon, Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, Dragon Queen (excluding Wild and Scatter symbols) this game has a maximum payout ratio of 96.83% and bonus payouts of up to 15000 times.

Finally, get to know the RTP that is in online slots games.

It’s over with getting to know the RTP percentage. I have to say this. It is very important to choose a slot game to play. Because if friends choose a game that pays low You will also receive a low amount of money. It is an indicator of the value of online slots games. whether it is suitable for playing to bet or not. If it is below 96 percent, we do not recommend that you bet at all.