What’s a Poker Cheat Sheet?

Beginners to poker and Texas Hold’em in particular don’t want to just jump into any old game without help. Fortunately, like every other pastime available, cheat sheets are a way of getting ahead of competitors. Whilst a cheat sheet won’t take you from a loser to a WSOP champion in one reading, it will bridge the gap and offer some tips to help you in your journey.

Helping You Choose the Right Hands to Play
One of the biggest questions facing poker players is knowing the hands they should enter the pot with. There are literally thousands of combinations of hands to play so knowing which ones are profitable can be tricky for a newbie. Fortunately, a poker cheat sheet helps you understand which types of hands to play, and more importantly, from what position.

This is invaluable support as many hands in poker will be long-term losers, especially for inexperienced players so getting the fundamentals of hand selection is vital.

Post Flop Tips

A cheat sheet won’t just help you with hand selection, they also offer practical post-flop poker tips. They will offer quick and easy tips to navigate the tricky post-flop waters you will inevitably get into. These tips range from “never betting more than ¾ pot” to being wary of big raises on co-ordinated boards.

If you’re downloading a cheat sheet from a poker strategy site, look out for their tips on how to play after the flop as they are essential to playing well.

Pot Odds

Math is heavily involved in poker. You can’t get away from it at any point in a hand. However, it’s most pressing when you get to decisions after the flop and need to calculate what odds you’re being laid. This is where pot odds come into play. A cheat sheet will offer tips on how to calculate pot odds and work out how many “outs” you have and what it means in percentages. This is all helpful advice as a good poker player needs to know the mathematical side of the game to have a shot at winning in the long term.

There you have it, an overview of what a poker cheat sheet is with three things to expect when you download one. Now you know, look for the best ones online. Make sure you print them off so you have them nearby when you play too.

Image Source: Pixabay